Shared Stories, Changed Lives

David corresponds with inmates within the prison system and often times after their release.

Some either ask to tell their story or give David permission to share some of their thoughts and writings.

This page is dedicated to those people's lives....

 Words of Wisdom

With nowhere to turn I was alone and weary
Burdened with sin too heavy to carry
I was lost in the darkness with no hope in sight
Till I heard words of wisdom, "Turn to the Light"

At to foot of the cross is where I made my start
I confessed with my mouth and believed in my heart
My chains were broken Jesus set me free
Satan no longer rules over me.

Through the blood of God's Son my sins were forgiven
Praise the Lord I'm now seated in heaven
God sent me His Spirit to seal the deal
You better believe His love is real.

As a soldier of Christ enlisted for service
I've committed my life to fulfill God's purpose
Nothing can stop me I will not relent
All I want is for you to repent.

Give your life to God and enter His Kingdom
Help me to spread His words of wisdom
So that others may know and experience true love
From our heavenly Father above.

To my Friend David
May God Bless you richly 
Your brother in Christ

Testimonial from K.D.

I am on my fourth federal sentence and was going to end my life.  I was and am tired of hurting God and those who only tried to love me.  I was under the spell of the evil one and was physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually bankrupt.  I went to the back of the range in Milhaven and picked up David's book and read the back.  I was about to throw it back on the table when the HOLY SPIRIT kept it in my hands and I read it in 3 or 4 hours.

It changed my life.  David was violent in ways I was and GOD showed me if I only surrender and die daily to self HE has a plan and purpose for my life and anyone's life who becomes committed totally to Him.  David and I are in regular contact today.  I have to mention Sheila Holland's name because she told David about me.

I have grown to love this man as a brother and this is my first time using the love word with him but it is true.  I have shared some very personal things with him and not once did he ever judge me or talk down to me.

He constantly and continually points me to the Shepherd of our Soul.

David is truly a man of God.

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