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'On The Run': Reviews

David was 'on the run' since childhood. He accelerated his pace t hrough his teens and twenties, finally running himself into both the provincial and federal prision systems.   His life was changed through the powe of God's Word.  I appreciate David's transparency in sharing details of how God cleaned up areas of his life.  David cleared the hurdles from childhood to correctional officer, to convict, to Christ. Now David tells how you too, can be freed from drug addition. 

Sheila Hollands - Administrator, Ernie Hollands Hebron Ministries, Inc.

The story of David Brenn proves that an individual can come through may road blocks and pitfalls that some people encounter. David has risen above a life of struggles, difficulties, pain, rejection, crime, drugs and alcohol to a place as a productive member of society. This proves that a person can change, rise above the obstacles of life, cruelty of people and become all that God would have them to be.

Monty Lewis - Founder/President Bridges of Canada Inc.

David Brenn's story is a great example of how God saves people and uses them for His purpose. I'm blessed to know David as a brother in Christ. Not only does he "talk the talk", but he "walks the walk" according to God's will. I hope his story will inspire you as it hs inspired me. It is another example o God's love being available to anyone who seeks him, no matter what your curcumstances might be.

Bob O'Billovich - General Manager, Hamilton Tiger Cats (Toronto Argonauts All Time Head Coach)

I have known David for many years, through our boys playing baseball together. We both shared the dugout as coaches and the bleachers as proud parents. David has a caring, true heart - straight up, he fights the good fight!

Rik Emmett - Canadian Rock Band "Triumph"

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